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Whether you are looking to play for a college or you’re preparing yourself for tryouts at school, there are many things to consider when volleyball training to make the team. Coaches look for many traits when deciding who they desire to have on their team.

It doesn’t always require skill and ability, but the way players possess themselves. Traits help make an individual who they are. Not only are these traits used to find ideal players, but athletes that have these traits are more likely to get playing time as well.

Leadership, Competitors, Work Ethics

Leaders: Every coach wants a leader on their team. One who will not stand nonsense and will put a stop to disputes that arise on the team. A leader is someone that a teammate can go to for anything. Leaders inspire their teammates through their actions and words.

Good leaders treat their team and coaches with respect. They spend many, many hours together in just one season, they should act like a family. They want their teammates to reach the next level, and push them to do so.

Leaders are basically mini-me’s of the coach, an extension of the coach, on the court. They see potential in every player, and strive to be the best for oneself. While these people are helping others get better, they take note and become better themselves.

Jennifer M. from The Edge Pro Volleyball Trainers Blog- Living on The Edge

(Senior year, High School Team)

Hard Workers: Coaches love enthusiasm, especially after many long days of nonstop practice. They love positive attitudes. It makes coaches very happy when athletes show up to everything, even when it isn’t mandatory.

They look for those that are first in the gym and the last ones to leave. Coaches can tell how much effort is being given by each individual. Hard workers are motivated to do their absolute best, whether it is at practice or during a game. They never fall short of 110% effort.

Living on The Edge Blog post by Jennifer M.


Competitor: Compete to WIN! Coaches also want competitors. They want those athletes that will do the smallest things to win. Not only do these athletes go the extra mile during a game, but they also want to win every drill, contest, and competition in practices.

Competitors have a desire to win, which is why they spend so much time preparing and training. Coaches admire individuals that compete and continue competing, even when it feels the utmost challenging.

After winning a 16’s local tournament with a team thrown together, coached by a parent.

Coachability, Passion, Desire

Be Coachable: When a coach gives you feedback, they want you to take it in and accept what they’ve said to you. Coaches like when you take their constructive criticism positively and respond with “ok, coach” or “yes, coach”.

Being coachable means that when your coach tells you to fix something, even when you think you’re doing it right, you fix it. Coaches know what they’re talking about, that’s why they coach the sport.

Coaches want and deserve to receive thanks when they give you feedback, they are in the process of making you a better player.

Have Passion: Obviously you’re playing the sport because you take pleasure in it and are good at it, so have passion for it. If you didn’t enjoy it, you wouldn’t be playing volleyball.

A coach wants players that WANT to be at practice everyday. Players that enjoys playing the sport for multiple hours. These players have heart for the game beyond the scoreboard. Athletes that have passion never give up or give in.

Even when things are at it’s most difficult, or your team is losing, athletes still try their best. They honor every game they play in, it means something more to them, than just a sport.

Jennifer M. blog writer for Living on The Edge blog 

The picture above is one of my favorites. It really shows the utmost amount of passion my former teammates and I had for the sport and still do. My high school team made it to the 4A state tournament all four years of my high school career.

There is more to this story, but I don’t want to spoil it in this blog. Readers, keep up with current blogs to see how the rest of the story unfolds.


“Jen, it’s time to take a break” – My dad

He would always say this to me after being outside for multiple hours. I’d always throw a little fit and get mad that he didn’t want to be out there anymore.

We’d go inside and he’d say “I’m not as young and in shape as you are”. This memory reflects back on how motivated I was to grow as a player. We went outside almost everyday.

All of these traits are searched for by coaches. Players should keep these traits focused in the back of their minds when trying out or practicing.

You want to demonstrate your best on and off the court. Aside from the listed traits, training at home and practicing volleyball skills are very important. Without the necessary training, growth doesn’t occur as rapidly.

That is why a product such as The Edge Pro Volleyball Trainer is extremely useful! This product satisfies every possible volleyball skill.

This machine allows you to hit, pass, set, and serve better. You can use it for every aspect of volleyball, whenever you want. Plus, it is easy to build up, tear down, and pack from place to place.

Living on The Edge Volleyball Blog

Personal Growth

Obtaining more practice at home allows you to personally grow as a player. You can work with one or two others, but you’re focusing on your own volleyball skills. It’s a way to master specific skills that need a little work, build strength or just get more reps to stay in shape.

Reps are important in volleyball. My high school coach used to tell me, “the more times you touch the volleyball, the better you’ll get”. I always believed her. Then when I got to college, my coach said the same thing. I may have “off” days at practices, but the hundreds of times I touched a volleyball, make me better.

All the extra time spent training at home, really pays off. It’s easy. You can just walk outside and play. Plus, if you have one of The Edge Pro Volleyball Trainer products, it’s like you have your own volleyball net.

volleyball passing practice with The Edge Spike Trainer from The Edge Pro Volleyball TrainerSetting a Volleyball with the Edge Target StandSpiking a volleyball on the Edge Pro Volleyball Trainer

It’ll always be there too. Sometimes a gym is unavailable or it’s a bit of a drive, but with one of these products, you don’t have to go anywhere. These products are confidence boosters, especially as you feel yourself accel at a skill you were struggling with a week ago.

The thought of growing as a player is so rewarding, even more so after spending long, hard working hours volleyball training to make the team while at home.

I dare you to take your volleyball training to the next level and try out The Edge Pro Volleyball Trainer! Go to www.edgeprovolleyball.com and sign up on our email list.

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Living on The Edge blog by: Jennifer McCallister

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