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“We have had this product for 4 years now and absolutely love it. Thousands of hits on it and still going strong. Strongly recommend for any age and skill level.”
– Brad H.
Panora, Iowa

“The Edge has been such a great tool to use at home, especially during quarantine! We love it and have suggested it to a lot of people. We started out with just the independent and recently added on. Love it all and well worth the money.”
– Jessica T.
New Glarus, WI

Versatile Volleyball Spike Trainer for All Ages.

“My daughter loves using the Edge Home based model to work on her approaches and hits. She has added to her vertical and hits much harder after using it the last year. She uses The Edge as an extra practice tool for improvement. We have had a great experience with this system and the company. My daughter loves that she is able to practice alone, at home, several times a week without having to go to the gym or find a partner. We would absolutely recommend this system and company. We have actually already recommended to several players and fellow teammates.”
– Stephanie D.
Beckville, TX

“We purchased the trainer over 2 years ago. It has helped develop our girls with their approach and swing. We use it also with the younger girls so they can have something to work towards. You can adjust it so they can get the feel of things. As they grow the trainer can grow with them. Great rewards. Love that all levels can make use of it.”
– Darla L.
Port Wing, WI

“I have had the edge pro for many years and have been able to improve my game because of the versatility of the training aid. It helps with footwork, approach, and power in your game. It can also be used to work on passing and setting by just using the net portion. I highly recommend this edge pro trainer if you are looking for something to help you improve. It has also held up well for being outside year round. The customer service is also outstanding.”
– Tony D.
New Melle, MO

I have seen improvements all across the board

“I purchased the Edge Pro Volleyball training system for my middle school volleyball team. I use the system more for my junior varsity team to develop footwork and timing. With my varsity team, I use the system to help with their correct form and follow through. I have seen improvements all across the board with each team. The Edge Pro is easy to set up, easy to transport, and easy to use as a station while teaching multiple skills. I would recommend the Edge Pro to teams that need help with development of hitting, timing, and footwork.”
– Coach S.
Kingsport, TN

“We have had this product for about 6 weeks and my daughter loves it. She will spend 30 to 60 minutes at a time working on her approach, arm swing, and ball contact. She is now hitting the ball harder in the games, without going out of bounds, and the look on her face is priceless. Her confidence builds everyday.”
– Michael W.
Lena, IL

“It’s my daughter’s second season using The Edge Pro and she still loves it! It is very well designed and I highly recommend it. It helps her work on her swing mechanics. She is 13 and has high hopes to play in college and using your equipment has helped her develop a better swing. Thanks for making a quality product that holds up!!!”
– Keith H.
Ursa, IL

Versatile Volleyball Spike Trainer for All Ages.

“We have had the Edge Home Base model for a year and a half. My daughters are age 15 & 10 and both play club volleyball. They really love it and use it a couple of times per week…sometimes for just a few swings and sometimes for a lot longer.

Whenever their “volleyball friends” come over it’s always the first thing they want to try. The thing I find most useful is the adjustability. I’m able to move the net and ball holder up or down so it is the right height for each of my daughters.

It allows them to work on their swing mechanics at home & I would definitely recommend the product.”
– Steven L.

“The Edge Volleyball Trainer has been a great tool to isolate our hitters so we can focus on footwork, arm swing, and how they address the setter. I have been able to take a specific group of players, like Middle Hitters, and have them focus on the hitting mechanics of a specific set and learn what it feels like to hit the ball hard. This also allows me to keep more players active during practice and limit any standing around. Very happy with this product!”
– Coach Jason M.
Manheim, PA

“Amazing product! My daughter purchased to work on her approach and she is already seeing results in a few short weeks.”
– Heather H.

“I bought three of the Edge Dream Packs for the volleyball club. I have owned these for about three weeks. I have seen an improvement in the girls reaching higher. I am learning new ways to use this every day. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to improve their volleyball skills.”
– Chance S.
Santa Fe, Texas

“Our daughter has used the Edge Pro Volleyball trainer for two seasons. We purchased the travel model due to its portability. Living in Michigan, we take it out of our backyard each fall and move it into our business suite. This provides a way for our daughter to utilize it year round. It has helped her with building strength and hitting with consistency. I would highly recommend this product to anyone!”
– Tim B.
Fruitport, MI

who desire to put more work into the game

“For those of you that like and desire to put more work into the game, this Item is for you. For coaches or even if you are doing it just you. This item is easy to put together and really lightweight. I’m enjoying it because I can put it in the back of my truck and head to the gym. I have told my students parents to think about getting The Edge Volleyball Trainer. Along with a few other coaches. I recommend it.”
– Michael B.
Houston, TX

“I was looking at several products, and even built a similar device using pool noodles, but I love being able to reload the device so quickly. Love your story.”
– Jason M.
Manheim, PA

“This Training Aid boosted my hitters ability to make contact with the ball and helped me to explain the follow through even better, Improving our kill percentage.”
– Coach Hampton JHHS Volleyball
Elizabethtown, Kentucky

“I bought a unit from you a month or so ago. I do love the system and it has really helped my daughter with her approach. We had Badger Region tournament this past weekend and the other parents on the team talked about how much she improved already. They all said “I guess that hitting machine worked”.”
– Brandon D.
Hartland, WI

“I have seen the improvement in having this machine in use. I am having our girls learn THREE positions to prepare them for middle school and high school tryouts.”
– Eddie & Barbra S.

“Great training tool that is sturdy enough to take heavy use, and light enough for anyone to move around and setup. It’s innovative design provides enough versatility that both my daughters can adjust as needed. One is in high school as a JV player and the other is a 10’s club player. Simple and easy for both.”
– James L.
Waukesha, WI

“For my 16th birthday, I requested to my family not to give me any gifts, instead of money towards the Edge Home Base Trainer so I can strengthen and improve my hits. The trainer stands out as the best on the market.”
– Cassie L.
Seaford, DE

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