The Edge Pro Volleyball Trainer


From Women’s to Men’s to Youth, this machine is built with many adjustments to fit any age and any type of player. The pin or thumb releases make it easy to adjust the ball height and target stand settings for your teams regulations. A perfect Trainer to grow with you.

Materials & Thumb Releases

The Edge is made of high grade PVC pipe and fittings, that means it’s light weight and durable. Thumb buttons, make it easy to transform The Edge for travel and storage, or remove the hitting arm in seconds to use the Target Stand alone for Setter training or passing practice. By pushing down on the button you enable the desired section to be moved or transformed in seconds.

Ball Height Adjustment

Easily make quick height adjustments. The ball height adjustment post has holes every two inches allowing for height adjustments from 5ft up past 9ft 4in (floor to center of ball). Hold on to the steel reinforced ball height adjustment post and remove pin, adjust to desired height and replace pin. Your now ready for some spike training.

Target Stand Adjustment

The Target stand has three settings, with the first setting being for the beginner just learning to hit. The next setting is girl’s regulation, raising the net to 7 ft. 4 in. The last setting is for men’s regulation, raising the net to 8 ft. All adjustments are made simply by removing the pin, raising or lowering to your desired height, and replacing the pin. The volleyball net on the front of The Edge serves multiple purposes. First it acts to absorb the impact of a ball that’s hit off target. Second, putting the net between you and the target stand gives you a realistic view and feel, forcing you to focus and hit the ball over the net. It’s just another reason why The Edge is a great spike trainer and hitting machine.

Claw Keeper & Hitting Arm

Reloading the ball is easy with The Edge and it’s pivot point. A pull cord is used to bring the ball claw down to the player. The ball is placed in the claw and the pull cord is released. A simple counter balance brings the ball back up and into position making The Edge ready for another hit. The Hitting Arm is kept in place by the Claw Keep to insure a consistent ball height. The Claw Keep is also used when training young players that are vertically challenged. By loosening the knob you can adjust the Keep to bring the ball down to a lower level.

Quick Release Volleyball Net

The Volleyball Net releases from the Target Stand by removing two pins. This makes it easy to put away for storage or to use the Target Stand for Passing or Setting practice. Just another reason why The Edge Pro Volleyball Trainer is the most versatile Volleyball Training machine on the market.

Foldable for Storage & Travel

The Edge Pro Volleyball Trainer is built for easy storage and travel use. We know it is important for parents and coaches to be able to transport The Edge to different locations and to be able to store The Edge in a garage that might already be too full. The Edge Pro can be reduced down to 55″H x 22″D x 25″W so it can fit in the back of your car or stored away at your home. Watch our video on The Edge Transformation.

Easy to store. Easy to transform. Easy to Use.

“Power in your game! I have had the edge pro for many years and have been able to improve my game because of the versatility of the training aid. It helps with footwork, approach, and power in your game. It can also be used to work on passing and setting by just using the net portion. I highly recommend this edge pro trainer if you are looking for something to help you improve. It has also held up well for being outside year round. The customer service is also outstanding.”
– Tony D.

The Independent Assist

Already have an Edge Pro? Want to use the hitting arm on the court? With the push of a button The Edge Assist turns The Pro into an Independent leaving the Target Stand free to be used for setting and passing practice making the Edge Pro the most versatile Spike Trainer on the market.

The Edge Independent

We freed the Hitting Arm from the rest of The Edge and combined it with The Edge Assist to create The Edge Independent.

You can now use the Target Stand for setting or passing practice, while using The Edge Independent on the court with your hitters. Using two of The Edge Independents will allow you to run hitting lines on both sides of the court. Place a back row player on the receiving side and you now have a more efficient practice letting your Liberos get in on the action and dig The Edge.

The Edge Independent is the perfect hitting machine for spike training seasoned players or beginners. Volleyball clubs and schools are using The Edge Independent to accelerate their player’s skills at all levels. And for new players, there’s no better way to put proper form into action then while learning to hit with The Edge Independent.
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The Edge is sold worldwide!

The Edge is being used at home, in schools, and in clubs around the world. Become a part of this community today!
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