Will the Home Model fit into the back of a Minivan or SUV?

Yes but it will take up most of your space and the middle seat may need to be removed.

Is the Ball Height adjustable? How high can I hit?

Yes the ball height is adjustable and can accommodate an 8-year-old up to college age. The ball height range is: 9 feet 3 inches at its high point, 6 feet 3 inches when you remove the pin and allow the Hitting Arm Adjustment Post to sink to its lowest point. (micro adjustments are made with the Claw Keeper and can go as low as 5 feet 9 inches).

I jump pretty high and need something higher can you accommodate my ability?

Yes, we will be adding a college addition that will enable you to hit up to10 feet. Inquire about custom heights. info@edgeprovolleyball.com

My School wants to purchase The Edge. Do you accept Purchase Orders?

SCHOOL OPTION… Yes, we accept purchase orders and we have a “School Option” that you can choose in Checkout. Choosing the School Option
will give you all the info needed for your front office to create a P O.

How heavy is it? Can one person move it?

The Edge Home and Travel models both weigh 57 lbs. Wheels on the back of the Target Stand make it easy for an athlete to move on their own.

How many people do you need to set it up for daily use?

The Edge is user friendly. Not needing assistance to set The Edge up makes it more likely they will use it. One person can set it up and be hitting in minutes.

What is it made of?

The Edge is made from a Furniture grade PVC. That means it’s flexible, durable and UV protected.

How strong is it?

The PVC piping has 1/8 inch walls making it strong enough for us to drive a Ford Explorer over it with no structural damage, only scratches. (See Video on our Video page)

Is the Volleyball Net regulation?

Yes, the Volleyball Net has three settings. The first is Beginner. That lowers the net to give the player the look and feel of hitting from behind the 10-foot line. It’s perfect for teaching a beginner how to hit the ball. The second setting down from the top is Women’s regulation height of 7’ 4”. The third setting is Men’s regulation height of 8’.

How long does it take to load the ball?

In the amount of time it takes you to read this sentence you could reloaded the ball and be ready to hit again. Pull the cord, place the ball between the Foam Claw Supports and tug down on the cord again and release, this time to build a little momentum for the hitting arm to snap back into place in the Claw Keeper, take four steps back and you’re ready to hit. It’s the perfect amount of time for you to catch your breath.

How is The Edge used as a SETTER STAND?

You can use The Edge as a SETTER STAND by removing the Hitting Arm Stand. With the push of two buttons the Setters Stand can be used alone as a target for passing or setting.

What is the Assist?

The Assist is an add on to The Edge that enables you to use the Hitting Arm Independently from the Target Stand. With the push of two buttons you turn your Hitting Arm into an Independent and can now use it on the Sand Court, in the Gym or anywhere at home with ease. Many Coaches are incorporating the Independent into team drills.

How do I change The Edge from a right to left handed player?

Start by lowering the Hitting Arm Extension Post to make it easier to move. Next push the two thumbs buttons found on the linkage connecting the Hitting Arm to the Target Stand and on the Hitting stand so you can telescope the gray tube back into the Hitting stand. Repeat this on the bottom. Now you’re ready to move the Hitting stand to the left side. Reconnect the gray tube to the linkage by pressing the thumb buttons and inserting the tube until the button clicks into place. Now turn your attention to the Hitting Arm Pivot mount. This is where your Hitting Arm attaches to your Extension Post. Here you will find two button holes, one saying Left and the other Right. Push the thumb button and rotate the Hitting Arm so the Claw is parallel to the Target Stand. At this point the thumb button should click into the Left button hole. Make Sure the Hitting Arm Stand is on a diagonal and the hitter has a clear path to the ball.

What sets us apart from other volleyball training devices?

– Self Contained
all in one volleyball practice machine helps with all aspects of your game.
no chasing the ball after a hit
no hitting up against the house or garage
– Beginners on up to College Players
no better way to practice at home
Practice alone or with a friend
– Three Devices in One
Spike Trainer
Setters Stand
Target for Passing
– Instant Feedback
Since your hitting the ball and the ball is not attached to anything your forced to
aim. How the ball enters the Target Stand will tell you a lot about how your hitting the ball.
– Volleyball net
We placed a regulation height volleyball net on the front to give you the look and feel of being on the court.
– Assists Parents and Coaches
hit from the claw to a player and practice passing. No tossing the ball for parents means a more accurate hit to the passer and less frustration for all.
the spike trainer helps coaches and parents work with their players on hitting technique, focus and power.
– Soft foam claw
our soft ball holder will not hurt your hands if you miss hit the ball
easy loading
Loading the ball gives you the perfect amount of time to recover between hits. Place the ball in the claw, release the pull cord and up it goes, you’re ready to hit again.

How does The Edge compare to other training devices?

Still have questions?

Ask your quesiton below and we will gladly get back to you with an answer soon.

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