The Edge Pro Volleyball Trainer


This all-in-one machine will be that last piece of volleyball training equipment you or your team will ever need. The Edge easily transforms from a Setter’s Stand to Spike Trainer to Passing Trainer. Train your players on and off the court.



Many kids ask their coach’s the same question “how am i supposed to practice hitting at home” up until now there wasn’t a good answer.

We all know that a strong swing gets the coaches attention. And that attention can be the difference between a ones team or a twos team or making varsity over jv. If your looking for an edge to help get you to that next level than the edge pro volleyball trainer is for you.

The edge removes the motion of the ball and makes it easy for you to focus on the mechanics of your swing. By breaking down the swing into segments you can perfect each step turning it into muscle memory. Practicing the fundamentals of a good swing can make a good hitter great. The edge forces you to get it right and gives you feed back when you don’t.

Start by setting the hitting arm to the desired height. Pull down on the rope, place the ball in the claw and release allowing gravity to take control and pull the ball up and into place. You then step back, do your approach and swing. You are now on your way to becoming a great hitter. There is no better way to learn to hit or to perfect your swing then with the edge pro volleyball trainer.



The edge pro volleyball trainer is a fun and exciting way for parents and coaches to help their players improve setting skills and overall volleyball training at home or in the gym.

The edge target stand gives the setter a target to set to and instant feedback on accuracy. This requires an assistant for the setter that will toss the ball high in the air at various locations the setter would receive passes from. Place the stand outside, middle and right side, all places a hitter would attack the ball from. The setter can work on footwork, speed and accuracy using the edge target stand to catch the ball. Extra reps at home or in the gym will help a player create soft hands, build strength and practicing setting to locations repetitively, your player will build muscle memory, a great feel for the court, and best of all, confidence, the main thing every player needs to succeed.



Perfect your passing with the edge pro volleyball trainer and experience volleyball training that’s fun and easy.

The edge pro volleyball trainer is a great way to practice and perfect you’re passing skills making valuable practice time more efficient and something even an unskilled assistant can do.

That means parents and players can work together at home with less frustration and more quality time spent together. But parents aren’t the only ones hitting from the claw. Players work on their vertical, power and approach all while hitting from the claw or independent edge to a defensive player.

To get started move the hitting arm to the outside, rotate and adjusts the claw to the desired hitting level and you’re ready to go. By hitting the ball from the claw you can eliminate the effects of a bad toss and focus on the hit. Let’s face it, not many of us are good at tossing and then hitting the ball to a defensive player. The edge can make you better.

“Sophomore Awarded MVP on Varsity Team! We bought the Edge Pro Volleyball trainer over two years ago and my daughter loves it. This trainer has really helped her hitting. It allows her to practice by herself at home. During the latest pandemic it allowed her to keep up with her skills. As a Sophomore in High School, she was Awarded the MVP for Offense on the Varsity Volleyball Team.”
– Tom G.

The Edge is sold worldwide!

The Edge is being used at home, in schools, and in clubs around the world. Become a part of this community today!
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