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To be your training partner and help every athlete that dreams of playing at a higher level reach their dreams while having fun.  Let us help you fulfill your volleyball dreams in the most efficient, affordable and fun way.

The Edge Pro Volleyball Trainer provides high quality, affordable and effective volleyball training equipment. Our volleyball spike trainer helps everyone from the beginner to the advanced club volleyball player, all the way up to the college level volleyball player to practice setting, passing, and spike training at home, at the gym, at the beach, just about anywhere.

We strive to become a volleyball player’s partner in their ambitious dreams by providing innovative ways to practice anywhere, anytime, with ease and fun!

Meet Rodney

The Edge Pro Volleyball Trainer had a simple beginning that was born out of necessity. My daughter, Alyssa, was getting ready for girls volleyball high school tryouts her freshman year. Hoping to make the freshman team we worked together often in the driveway at home. She’s a setter and as one she needed a target to set to so she could improve her accuracy and become more consistent. So I went to work online looking for a setter’s stand we could use at home. After a quick search I realized the equipment she needed meant we would be spending a lot of money and she still needed a better way to practice passing and hitting. Pricing was upwards of $1800. So I went to work online, again.

This time I searched for parts that could make up a setter’s stand. I soon moved past several ideas and developed The Edge in its roughest form. I spent many hours in the garage developing the components and making it better. Volleyball parents took notice and The Edge was born. Our first sales came when a local club team agreed to test the Edge at practice. The coach loved it and saw the potential in using The Edge at practices. The kids loved it and the parents saw that having one at home would give their kids an edge.

We made our first sales that night and confirmed what we already knew. The Edge Pro Volleyball Trainer is a winner.

– Rodney Downing, Inventor of The Edge Pro Volleyball Trainer

“Freshman year in High School Alyssa didn’t make the freshman team, she made JV! She had The Edge!”

The Edge is sold worldwide!

The Edge is being used at home, in schools, and in clubs around the world. Become a part of this community today!
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